One Small Child

A Short Message for Christmas Eve

Jeff Bell
3 min readDec 27, 2021

“One small child in a land of a thousand
One small dream of a Savior tonight
One small hand reaching out to the starlight
One small Savior of life…”

David Meece

On our planet, over its course of years, it has birthed tens of billions of lives; but what is it about this “One Small Child” that has stood out, that has stood the test of time?

The answer in one sense is pretty simple: This one small child, was no ordinary child. This child in some mind-boggling and mysterious way, was fully human yet fully God — Divinity clothed in humanity. And this, “One small child in a land of a thousand,” is not simply celebrated because of his remarkable beginnings, but because his entire life, including his very death, was equally and profoundly astonishing in every sense.

Yes it is true, out of the countless lives born, familiarity with the vast majority has been swallowed up with the sands of time. Even the great rulers and celebrities of every generation are quickly forgotten by those who follow after. Of course there are the very esteemed few, whose names and deeds are still remembered, names like: Alexander & Augustus, Beethoven & Bach, Cleopatra and Confucius. Yet, it is the name of this one small child declared “The Christ,” who rises above them all. It is this infant’s birth that is remembered every time a cheque is dated or a New Year celebrated.

Each of us celebrate, in some small way, our own birthdays and the birthdays of the loved ones we know best. But everyone the world over, celebrates in a grand way the birth of this one small child. Trees, songs, presents, pageantry, and generosity are shared with one another on his birthday.

Considering birthdays; it is often the gifts we receive that help make these occasions extra special. However, when we celebrate this one small child’s birthday…. Sure, we remember the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh he received, but far more importantly we remember the gifts he gave…

This one small child has given us and still offers us these priceless gifts:

  • The picture of a life well lived, filled with love, kindness, sacrifice and goodwill towards all
  • The joy of a new new life, birthed through the gift of the Holy Spirit
  • The peace that passes understanding even through the most trying times
  • The light, which blazes brightly through the deceit and disillusionment of our dark world
  • The invitation to, and fellowship with his earthly family he calls the church
  • The grace and forgiveness which heals the hurt, shame, and guilt of our own failures
  • The cost we could never pay to forever free us from the insufferable slavery of our sins
  • The adoption and promised inheritance into God’s family with heavenly riches beyond what is earthly imaginable, which carries the assurance of an eternal and glorious life with God himself: “I heard a loud shout from the throne, saying, “Look, God’s home is now among his people! He will live with them, and they will be his people. God himself will be with them.” (Revelation 21:3)

2000 years ago, upon the arrival of this one small child, heralded by angels, after meeting their messiah, the sheepish shepherds shared to all who would listen to the good news of this one small birth. Two-thousand years later, we still gladly carry out their tradition: To share with all who will listen, and to plead with all whose hearts are open, to receive the incredible grace and life-transforming glory this one small child came to Bethlehem’s manger and Calvary’s Cross to offer us.

My prayer for you this Christmas, and throughout the entire year, is that everyone will embrace and put their lives, hope and trust in this one small child we celebrate tonight; this one enormous life who changed history; this one blessed Messiah who offers grace, joy and peace; this one and only Jesus, whom the angels still sing and beckon us to join their choir; and this one sacrificing Savior who gave up his life for you and for me.